Real estate: why buy new?


By Myriam Simon

Published on 08/25/2020 at 07:28 - Updated on 08/25/2020 at 07:28

Tax reductions, comfort, energy savings: in real estate, buying an apartment or a new house to live in or to invest has various advantages.

While investing in a 19th century apartment or an old house has many advantages (charm, location, price, etc.), acquiring new housing is not without interest and also has positive points.

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Functional layouts, energy savings

Question construction, and this is one of the important points for your future life, your apartment or your house will undoubtedly be much more functional, there will be less loss of space because the arrangement of rooms and fittings are generally carried out to optimize living spaces or tailor-made if you call on an architect, which compensates for a potentially smaller living space than for a project in the old one.

For apartments, the purchase is usually done off plan or in Vefa (sale in future state of completion).For this type of property, it is often easier to have an exterior, small balcony or large terrace very sought after the period of confinement, and to have parking spaces at the foot of the building, which is almost impossible with old buildings built in the city center.

More and more new programs include collective spaces and services, a comfort that interests a new generation of buyers: shared garden and vegetable patch, collective roof terrace, creche in the building, residents' association, concierge, collective laundry, sports area not to mention the charging stations for electric vehicles.

Posted Date: 2020-08-28

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